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Unlock explosive B2B growth! Our data-driven approach to crafting and managing outreach campaigns, combined with our cutting-edge sales engagement platform, cuts through the noise and drives a 300% increase in engagement.

We fill your sales pipeline with quality leads and booked appointments, freeing up your sales team to focus on closing more deals!

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9000 +
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How Our Service Works

We combine our industry-leading multi-channel sales engagement technology with our proven campaign design and management to 3X your sales pipeline.


Onboarding and setup

  • You’ll complete an onboarding form and be invited to a Slack channel for direct communication with your dedicated Account Manager.
  • Our team works closely with you to identify your ideal customers and build your prospect list, create a powerful outreach strategy, craft hyper-personalized messaging, set up outreach campaign.
  • It typically takes just 4 – 5 days to design, set up, and start your campaign.
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Launch your sales
outreach campaign

  • Once we start your campaign, our experienced Virtual SDR team will engage with your ideal clients on a 1:1 via LinkedIn and email.
  • We A/B test campaign messaging and optimize as we continue to monitor your sales outreach.
  • View campaigns, leads, conversations, appointments booked, and real-time performance reporting on the Demand.Cloud platform.


Generate Leads & book appoinments for you

  • You can expect appointments to start getting booked on your calendar within 1 – 2 weeks from the start of your campaign, and grow in volume over time.
  • You will be notified via Slack and email when new leads and appointments are generated so you can start working your sales magic!
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Ongoing management and scaling growth

  • Our Virtual SDR reps will continue engaging your target prospect daily on a 1:1 basis, booking meetings on your sales teams calendar.
  • We leverage monthly campaign performance KPIs to optimize your outreach, A/B test messaging, increase response rates and appointments booked.
  • When you’re ready, we can easily scale your outreach to keep pace with your growing sales goals.

Why Demand.Cloud?

Our team of experts has years of experience crafting B2B LinkedIn & Email outreach campaigns that fill sales pipelines and drive revenue growth, at scale!

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Generate the demand you need to grow revenue

Leverage our team's experience crafting and managing hundreds of proven and 1:1 hyper-personalized B2B outreach campaigns to generate demand. We'll generate quality leads and appointments with your ideal customers so you can focus your time on closing sales.

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15+ years of combined B2B outreach experience

We follow best practices and contextualize proven multi-channel outreach strategies to predictably fill your sales pipeline. Plus, your dedicated campaign team is always just a Slack message away to answer questions and ensure your campaign's success.

Real-time reporting, notifications, and CRM integrations

Our platform provides real-time performance reporting, and instant notifications via Slack & email of new leads and appointments. We can even pipe those opportunities into supported CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive!


Pricing for lead generation & appointments

Schedule a free consultation to learn if Demand.Cloud is a good fit for your B2B outbound demand generation. No contracts or long-term commitments.

Done With You
$995 Per Month​

Everything included within the Omnichannel Communicator platform plan, plus more!

Done For You
$1,495 Per Month

Everything included within the DWY Plan, plus more!

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(Coming Soon!)​

Everything included within the DFY Plan, plus more!


What our happy customers are saying


Most frequent questions and answers

Your engagement starts with creating your Demand.Cloud account, and submitting our onboarding questionnaire with information about your business, your product(s)/service(s), and your ideal customer profile (IDC).
We then leverage the information you provide to research and build your target audience in Sales Navigator, and create a combination of expert-crafted and AI-generated 1:1 hyper-personalized messaging for outreach.
We collaborate with you and get approval on your target audience and messaging before launching your campaign.
We then leverage our platform and best practices to build, launch, and manage your outreach.
Our campaign team and SDRs then manage your outreach day-to-day to engage with your prospects, generate quality leads, and book appointments on your calendar.
As we generate leads and appointments, you will receive real-time notifications of the new leads and meetings via Slack and email.

Great question! We have a number of competitive differentiators…

  • We offer the best of both worlds by combining our multi-channel outreach technology with our proven campaign design process and experienced fulfillment team. Demand.Cloud is an industry-leading LinkedIn and Email sales engagement platform with the features and functionality needed to maximize your outreach campaigns. Our platform and team adhere to best practices and we innovate to stay ahead of the curve in the ever changing landscape of LinkedIn and Email.

  • We approach Outbound marketing with an Inbound marketing mindset. Meaning, we start by gaining a clear understanding of your business, your product(s)/service(s), your target customers, their goals and the specific problems/challenges they fast that your business solves for. This enables us to craft outreach messaging that is relevant to your target customers to increase engagement.

  • Not only is our messaging relevant, we leverage A.I. to create 1:1 hyper-personalized messaging, going far above and beyond “First Name” and “Job Title”, engaging with prospects on details unique and relevant to the individual. This provides a 2-3x engagement rate.

  • Our team has 15+ years of combined experience crafting and managing successful outreach campaigns and helping B2B businesses achieve their revenue growth goals. We live and breath outbound day in, and day out.
  • We can easily scale-up/down your outreach as needed to make sure your sales team has sufficient leads and appointments to achieve your revenue goals. Thinking of hiring a new sales rep? We can quickly spin up an additional outreach campaign, leveraging what has proven to be the most successful for your other campaigns.

We define a lead as a prospect that fits your Ideal Client Profile (ICP) / Persona criteria who has responded to our outreach with interest in learning more about your product(s)/service(s),  or that are interested in scheduling call with your sales team.

We define an appointment as a lead who has scheduled a meeting, or that we directly booked on their behalf, through your meeting schedular, (e.g. Calendly,) with interest in speaking with your sales team to learn more about your product(s)/service(s).

We do not require a contract, and our minimum term is one month.

However, do to the nature of outbound marketing, we recommend committing to at least three months of service. Outbound marketing takes a little time to build momentum, as well as requires ongoing A/B testing and optimization.

Our most successful clients plan on at least three months of service to achieve the volume of leads and the number of appointments they want for their sales team.

We offer a 10% discount for quarterly subscriptions and a 15% discount for annual subscriptions.

Schedule a call with our team for these options.

No. However, without it, we’re not able to leverage all the tools in our toolbox for an effective outreach effort. Therefore we highly recommend you have a Premium LinkedIn account for best results.

Unfortunately, no. Every business, its product(s)/service(s), its offer, and its target customers are unique. Therefore, results vary.

However, we do leverage our years of experience creating and running highly effective outreach campaigns, and current best practices, to get the best results possible for each customer.

GDPR isn’t applicable to LinkedIn outreach. For email, our outreach team follows specific protocols to ensure our campaigns are fully GDPR compliant.