#1 LinkedIn™ + Email Outreach Tool

Four tools in one, LinkedIn outreach, email outreach, find and verify emails, image and GIF personalization. Send 500+ LinkedIn invites per week. All for one low price!

Start hyper-personalized multichannel conversations via smart automation sequences that make decisions and take action for you based on a lead's behavior.

Launch your first campaign in 15-min using one of our proven smart sequence templates!


Demand.Cloud Software

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Skyrocket your outreach sending 500+ invites per week

LinkedIn + Email Outreach, All-in-one

Why settle for just LinkedIn outreach or just cold email? Engage prospects through multi-channel smart automation sequences, send 500+ connect requests per week, hyper-personalize messages and InMails. View & Follow prospects to maximize engagement.

With our proven campaign templates, you can launch your first multi-channel campaign in just 15-minutes!

The perfect drip-campaign for your business

Start with one of our tried and true outbound smart sequence templates, or create your own. Get the perfect smart drip-sequence across both LinkedIn and email for the ultimate outreach strategy.

Customize automation actions and conditions. Set timed drip delays between them. Handle responses easily in the unified smart inbox.

Create a campaign suited for any type of B2B need

Targeting the right audience is a critical first step for successful outreach. Connect LinkedIn Free, Premium, Sales Navigator, or Recruiter accounts and choose how best to target your leads:

Personalize messages with dynamic insertion

Personalized your outreach with tailored messages and emails prospects will appreciate.

Native Image & GIF personalization

Stand out in your prospect’s inbox with hyper-personalized images, and GIFs to 2x your response rate.

Add a custom photo or image, personalized text boxes, your LinkedIn profile picture, and your prospects’. Even add their company logo!


Smart reply detection & return any prospects back to the campaign

When a prospect replies to an outreach message, the sequence automatically stops for that prospect.

Continue the conversation manually or return the prospect back to the next step, or any step of your choice in the smart sequence.

Smart Inbox & Light CRM

Multi-channel communication has never been easier than with our unified LinkedIn and email smart inbox.

Smart Sequences for behavior-based automation

Smart Sequence will revolutionize how you contact your potential customers! With this innovative approach, you’re able to combine different if/else conditions and actions to dramatically increase reach and engagement with your target customers.

Set time delays between actions with as many steps in your sequence as you would like.

Automation hours and action limits

Set your an automation schedule to run within the desired days of the week and times of the day. Include time lapse between actions.

Unlimited Email Discovery & Verification

Outreach just got a whole lot better and easier with our inbuilt and unlimited email discovery and verification! Eliminate the cost of expensive third-party email discovery tools.

We’ll find your target customers’ business emails without being connected on LinkedIn. Plus, we verify the email addresses to ensure high email delivery. Say goodbye to high bounce rates!

Connect with any Email provider

Connecting with your email provider is easy and only takes a few seconds. We support all major ESPs.

Integrate with your CRM & other tools

Integrate with your CRM (Pipedrive, HubSpot, Salesforce, Google Sheets, Slack) & any other tool​. Easily connect and push your prospects and lead data through Zapier or a custom-made webhook. 

Integrate with your CRM, Google Sheets, and any other tool to push lead data effortlessly. Connect seamlessly through Zapier or a custom Webhook in no time!

Cloud-based platform & scalable

With our easy-to-use, cloud-based platform you can log in and manage your campaigns from any web browser and location. Your accounts are connected via your own dedicated IP address.

Scale your outreach! Connect as many LinkedIn and email accounts as you want, under one login! Each gets its own dedicated IP address. (Additional connected accounts require a seat subscription.

Real-time performance reporting

With our powerful reporting dashboard, you can get real-time insights into the overall performance of your outreach efforts, as well as on your individual campaigns and sequence steps with detailed analytics.


Demand.Cloud Software

Subtotal Due Today $99.00

Total Due Today $99.00

Recurring Total $99.00 every 1 month