9 Email Templates To Avoid Sounding Pushy in Selling

It’s easy to forget when using email templates that a friendly and helpful approach should always come first. Keep it conversational — even if you’re trying to make the sale, being too aggressive won’t send your message in the right direction!

Failure to use appropriate email templates could result in an unfavorable impression for your business, potentially depriving potential customers of access to you. Rather than engaging in generic correspondence that provides no value whatsoever, it is more prudent—and advantageous–to focus on providing helpful hints or highlighting unique features of your product/service.

Below we’ve compiled a list of email templates that are specifically designed to help you sell without sounding pushy. Keep in mind, these are just suggestions; feel free to customize them to fit your specific needs.

The Consumer’s Age

Businesses must now be extra savvy when it comes to understanding their customers’ specific needs and expectations. In the age of Information, shoppers are looking for tailored sales experiences — one that recognizes what they need from you before they even realize themselves! Sales-speak is a thing of the past: clients want genuine conversations with personnel who can accurately quantify how your product or service will benefit them.

Here are 9 Email Templates on how to sell without sounding too pushy for everyone who uses this LinkedIn Lead Generation and other sales activities.

 Never Start a conversation with a pitch

When initiating a conversation with a potential lead on LinkedIn, the ‘Invite to Connect’ serves as your first impression. To garner high acceptance and response rates, consider bringing up shared interests when pitching – whether it works in the same industry or hobbies you both enjoy. Crafting an approach tailored specifically for that person can go further than simply providing generic information while strengthening your connection more efficiently!

Template 1: 

Hi [[first name]], 

I see you went to the [[event/conference name]] conference.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on a [[specific niche]] as someone with [[total years in career]] experience in the industry.

You can continue using the same “hook” after you’ve been accepted.

Template 2: 

Hi [[first name]]

Thank you for responding. [[share your specified niche idea]]. 

Furthermore, I’d like to share with you [[state the name of your company]] [[provide a brief introduction of your company]].

I think that this would be very effective [[point out what it could do to help the email recipient]].

I’d be delighted to tell you more about it. Would you like to participate in our group Demo Call? By clicking on the link, you will see a list of available dates and times.

I eagerly await your response!

Don’t Use Exaggerated Words and Phrases

Don’t use exaggerated words like “cheap,” “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” “incredible,” “amazing,” “promotion,” and so on. Instead, engage your customers with confidence, as you have the facts to prove it! Show them that you understand their current circumstances and how much better off they could be with what’s on offer.

Highlight areas of potential improvement and make sure each word paints a picture of success for everyone involved. Give your customers peace of mind knowing that any decision made is an informed one based on data rather than assumptions or speculation.

Template 3: 

Hey [[first name]], 

I have been keeping up with [[current company]]’s work for a while now.

Given your extensive experience in the position of [[occupation]] at [[current company]], I have no doubt that you are aware of the challenges [[state the problem]].

I’m here to help you find a solution.

[[provide the name of the solution]]was created in [[point out what it could do to help the email recipient]]. 

To further discuss the advantages it could offer your business, I would love to schedule a call.

 Template 4:

Hi [[first name]],

I saw that you are an expert in the [[specific field]]! What I love most about what you do is how you take [[state what attracted you to this field]].

What I’m proposing is something that I think would benefit both of us tremendously. 

[[state the solution]] was designed for [[point out what it could do for the email recipient]].

I think we would be perfect partners and would be able to benefit greatly from working together.

Make your sales a conversation, rather than a practiced narration

What better way to gain an edge over the competition than by engaging in genuine conversation with leads? Ask informed questions and, aside from just spouting off a rehearsed speech, you can truly demonstrate that your product or service is well-suited for their needs. Knowing exactly who it is you are talking to before having discussions lets you effectively position yourself as the ideal solution provider.

Template 5: 

Hi [[first name]], 

You have obviously been employed in the [[company sector]] sector for a considerable amount of time.

What experience do you have with the challenge of predicting product demand as someone who has held the position of [[occupation]]?

I appreciate your sharing.

 Template 6: 

Hello [[first name]],

I appreciate you sharing your wisdom, [[first name]]!

One of the biggest challenges facing any [[company sector]] is [[state the problem]].

Your sales will drastically decrease if you don’t meet customer demand. On the other hand, producing too many items that don’t sell puts a strain on your finances.

Would you mind sharing how you have handled it thus far?

Once you’ve identified the source of the issue, try pitching your service by demonstrating how it will specifically benefit their unique circumstance.

 Template 7:

Hello [[first name]],

That method of handling it is pretty intriguing.

What if I told you that there is a [[state what your product can do for the email recipient]].

Could I tell you more about it if you’re interested?

If the response is yes, go ahead and explain how working with your company will help them save time and money.

 Make Them the Center of Attention

Gone are the days when potential customers cared about hearing how YOUR own product or service worked. It’s time to focus on what matters most – their satisfaction! Show your audience that you understand them by always communicating from THEIR perspective and emphasizing how it can benefit THEM, rather than YOU.

 Template 8: 

Hello [[first name]], 

I appreciate you listening to what I have to say.

I’m writing to you because I want to demonstrate how our software could help your sales team save up to six hours each day while generating ten times as many leads.

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Let’s join a Demo Call and talk about how your business can gain even more from it!

 It’s Alright To Not Sell

Letting go of a sale doesn’t have to be the end. When customers can feel that you’re sincerely invested in helping them find what they need, it often leads to return visits or referrals down the line. Find an effective balance between understanding when not to sell and leaving room for potential future collaborations – don’t try exhausting tactics just because you believe something is perfect for someone!

Template 9:

Hello [[first name]],

I enjoyed speaking with you.

Once more, I appreciate you taking the time to learn about my brand.

Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about event planning in the future or just want to share your experiences.

Enjoy your day and best of luck on all of your upcoming endeavors!


No one likes to be sold to, but everyone likes to buy. By following the tips in this blog post, you can sound less pushy when selling and increase the likelihood that your prospects will want to buy from you. Remember, people buy based on emotion and then justify their purchase with logic, so focus on building relationships and trust first.

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