The Smart Sequence For Maximum Success With Email Marketing

Think you know how to get the most out of your email marketing? You might be surprised. Contrary to popular belief, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work when it comes to email marketing. By tailoring your messages to specific subscriber segments, you can create a smart sequence that leads to maximum success. 

Multichannel outreach is also a key element of smart sequence email marketing. By reaching out to potential customers through social media like LinkedIn, and other channels, you can capture more leads than ever before. 

Using Smart Sequences significantly elevates the Lead Engagement Process. Email sequences are one of the most important tools you have for engaging your customers and generating leads. By following a well-executed sequence, you can create a consistent flow of messages that helps your customers learn about what you have to offer, and convert more easily. 

3 Core Steps For Smart Sequence

There are many different ways to create an email sequence, but there are three core steps that every sequence should follow: discovery, engagement, and conversion. 

Discovery is the process of informing your customers about what you have to offer. This might include sending out introductory emails that introduce your product or service, or sending out notifications when new content is available on your website. 

Engagement is the process of keeping your customer engaged by sending them relevant messages that complement their interests. This might include offering discounts on products or services, providing information about upcoming updates or sales events, or prompting customers to respond to surveys or feedback forms. 

Conversion is the process of converting a lead into a customer. This might include persuading a customer to sign up for a subscription service, make a purchase, or fill out a form submission. 

Endless Possibilities

The introduction of Smart Sequences has opened up limitless possibilities for combining previous features and processes with new ones. This entails maximizing each channel’s potential while staying within the acceptable limit range. 

Smart Sequence gives you the ability to design your own personalized outreach, making your communication more humanized than ever before. 

Straightforward Smart Sequence

The algorithm’s diagram shows that once the Email Verification step is finished, this Smart Sequence is prepared for a number of possibilities. This system is designed to be flexible and responsive to a variety of different situations. 

When we find and confirm the prospect’s email address, they will receive an automated message on LinkedIn. If that doesn’t work out either way (in which case there are always follow-ups), then our Connection Request goes through with no problem. 

Verification Of Email 

Before contacting any of the prospects on your list, Demand.Cloud will attempt to locate and verify their business email addresses. A single Sales Navigator search that produced approximately 2500 prospects had a success rate of 20% to 40% or 500 to 1000 valid business email addresses. 

Post-Engagement Campaign Sequence

According to research, post-engagement campaigns tend to be very well-received, with response rates falling between 75% and 90%. They can be an effective way to break the ice with potential customers, by raising a shared interest or connection. 

The algorithm’s diagram demonstrates that after the Connection Request, this Smart Sequence is ready for a variety of possibilities. If the prospect’s profile indicates that they are open to receiving free InMails, our Smart Sequence will send InMail 1 and InMail 2 as follow-ups. 

If not, the Smart Sequence will alter its course in an effort to find and validate the Lead’s email. The thread will try to contact the prospect via email if it is available. If not, it will merely serve as a “final” reminder of our connection attempt.

Multidimensional Smart Sequence

This sequence can help you save time by eliminating the need for connection requests. If your account is open to InMails, then it will first check if that’s possible and automatically choose an option each consecutive day so as not to miss out on 800 free emails per month Demand.Cloud offers. 

How To Create Smart Sequences

After your connection has been made, you can continue to send them messages that are relevant to their interests. This could involve notifications about new content, upcoming events, or special offers. You also have the option to send automated messages such as welcome email series and follow-up surveys. 

The future of a lead generation is here! With Smart Sequences, you can create tailored campaigns that will bring in more qualified leads than ever before. 

Tool For Hyper-Personalizing Images And GIFs

The tool enables users to hyper-personalize their images and GIFs by adding text, logos, and photos. They can also change the colors, shapes, and sizes of the graphics. This makes it easy to stand out from the competition and connect with customers on a more personal level. 

Why Use Multiple Platforms For Outreach? 

Because Multichannel Outreach boosts response rates by at least 17%! In fact, it is one of the only proven ways to achieve an increase in leads. 

This is because you are able to reach more people with your campaign, and they are more likely to respond favorably to your outreach efforts. 

Is Multichannel Outreach The Future Of Lead Generation? 

Yes, multichannel outreach is the future of a lead generation. It allows you to reach a wider audience by using different methods, such as email, InMail, and Social Media. 


Email marketing can be a powerful tool when done well. But what does “done well” mean? It means creating a smart sequence that takes your customer on a journey from stranger to the buyer. There are endless possibilities for the types of sequences you can create, but we’ve outlined three core steps that will help you get started. 

Once you have your sequence in place, make sure to verify email addresses and send post-engagement content to increase conversion rates. And finally, don’t forget to use multiple platforms for outreach so you can reach more leads. 

Multichannel outreach is the future of lead generation, so start using it today! Have you tried Demand.Cloud’s Smart Sequence yet? We’ll give you the perfect drip sequence across both LinkedIn and email for the ultimate outreach strategy. Get a Demo Now!